Our Most Frequently Asked Questions

Below are answers to many of the frequently asked questions we receive at Brooke Glen Behavioral Hospital. If you have additional questions, please contact us.

  • All mental health issues you are experiencing
  • Any medical conditions you may have
  • Demographic information (i.e., address, phone, etc.)
  • Your insurance information
  • Family members or friends of a patient
  • Emergency rooms
  • Counselors/therapists
  • Psychiatrists/psychologists
  • The patient may also call or walk into the facility

Brooke Glen accepts most health insurance. If a patient presents with insurance that is out of network, we will try to work with that insurance company to approve the stay. If a patient is uninsured but is eligible for Medicaid, we will begin the Medical Assistance Application process for the patient.

  • When a patient arrives in the admissions area, the staff is required to search the patient for any contraband items. These are items that may be used to harm the patient or others. Any bags brought with the patient will be placed in our belongings closet. The items will be searched once the patient reaches the unit.
  • The patient will be required to fill out a ‘demographic form.’ This information will include name, date of birth, address, insurance, etc.
  • The patient will meet with a masters-level Clinician who will complete an assessment with the patient. This information discussed will include the immediate mental health emergency that has brought the patient into the hospital.
  • The patient will need to sign paperwork. The paperwork includes privacy forms, insurance forms, etc.
  • A picture is taken of all patients to ensure the identity of the patient while they are on the unit. This helps staff to recognize patients easily.
  • The patient will be offered food and drink if he or she requires it.

Brooke Glen is open 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

The length of stay is determined on an individual basis with consideration of each patient’s treatment and discharge plans. A patient’s stay will be determined through consultation with one’s treatment team, under the direction of the attending physician.

Brooke Glen is located at 7170 Lafayette Avenue in Fort Washington, Pennsylvania. We are approximately 20 minutes outside of Philadelphia. We are a few miles off of the Pennsylvania Turnpike (exit 339) and Route 309. We are very close to Routes 63 and 73 as well.

Brooke Glen is located literally one block away from the Fort Washington Train Station (Regional Rail Train R5 (Lansdale/Doylestown Line) and approximately one block away from the Septa Bus Stop (Bus 94).

We recommend that patients and loved ones call ahead before walking into our facility. Of course, we do allow patients to walk-in with no prior notification, but the wait may be longer than expected, and there may not be a bed available. We do not set up ‘appointments,’ but we do appreciate prior notice so that the wait will not be as long. Patients who require immediate attention will be seen first to ensure a secure admissions area.

Yes. Due to HIPAA (Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act), staff at Brooke Glen is not allowed to discuss your health information with anyone not involved in your direct treatment here at the hospital. Staff is not allowed to provide demographic information, insurance information or treatment progress to anyone unless the patient gives permission by signing a ‘release form.’ Staff is not allowed to confirm or deny if a patient is in our facility. This is to protect the patient’s right to privacy. Staff will be able to speak with other health care providers if it is in the best interest of the patient’s well being.

Continuing care planning begins at the day of admission and is coordinated with your team and support systems. You and your assigned social worker will develop a comprehensive continuing care plan that includes, but is not limited to, follow-up appointments with aftercare providers, crisis plan, and support group information.

Upon leaving the hospital, you will receive a prescription from your physician to help you maintain your medication. While it may vary on a case-by-case basis, the typical prescription is for a 15 or 30-day supply. You can discuss this with your physician before discharge. We are not able to foresee exactly how much your medication will be, although, through collaboration with your social worker, you should be able to leave with an estimate of the cost.

The hospital strives to ensure every patient leaves having their next appointment scheduled within seven days of their discharge from Brooke Glen. This may vary based on where you live and your insurance provider network availability. If you have an existing mental health provider, your social worker will schedule an appointment as soon as possible post discharge.

Upon discharge, you will receive a copy of your continuing care plan, as well as a copy of the physician discharge summary. These documents will list your aftercare appointment(s), your individual crisis plan, as well as information regarding your diagnosis and discharge medication.

At discharge, your social worker will fax the aftercare documents to the next provider so that they are aware of what course of treatment occurred while you were in the hospital. This information also lets them know what recommendations were made for continuing care.

Before discharge, alert your social worker that you need a note for work. The exact wording of the note will be discussed with the treatment team and signed by your social worker and physician. You will be provided a copy of this note to be distributed at your discretion.


Get The Care You Need

We’re available 24 hours a day, seven days a week to provide a no-cost mental health assessment for you or your loved one. Call us at 800-256-5300, visit our facility, or message us to get started. In the case of a medical emergency or crisis, please dial 911 or go to the nearest emergency room.